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Let the Celebration Begin!


We would like to welcome the family and friends of Stephanie Townsend and Thaddeus Bolton. Your journey to Costa Rica is sure to be a memorable event as you celebrate the union two very special people. 

Guana Adventures has worked with the Bride and Groom to create a tailor-made adventure that will be sure to make your trip to Costa Rica unforgettable.

We ask that all participants book in advance so we can provide you with the best possible service. All reservations should be made by January 9th, 2019

Please fill out the reservation form below.

Waterfall  & Wildlife Adventure


We begin this adventure at a local hidden gem, Llanos Del Cortez. This is one of the most stunning waterfalls in the region and while  your eyes will be captured by the rushing waters, if you look down you'll notice that the sand glimmers with gold! Pirates gold that is. Swim and relax in the clear waters or hike up to the top of the falls.

Our next destination will be the famous rainforest surrounding Tenorio Volcano. You will join our expert biologist guide on a nature walk, looking for flora and fauna native to Costa Rica. You will see Two-toed and Three-toed Sloths, Toucans, Humming Birds, Butterflies, Porcupines, Tree Frogs and so much more.

Following your nature walk you will enjoy a typical Costa Rican lunch prepared to perfection.

Finanlly, we invite you to taste the flavours of Costa Rica, with a tasting at one of the countries top rated coffee roasters. There is also rum tasting, as well as a fabulous store to shop for your Costa Rican keepsakes. 

Pick up time: 7:30am

Drop off time: 4:00pm

$105 USD per person

Tour Date: Wednesday January 16th

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