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We can help create special memories that will last a lifetime.

Why choose us to help plan your next event? It's simple; we have the knowledge, experience and contacts necessary to make your special occassion one you will never forget.

Working in tourism for over 15 years has allowed us to build a strong presence in the community and as such, we have a long list of contacts for everything from venue rentals, flower arrangments, specialty bakers and private chefs, transportation solutions and beautiful rentals for your group to stay in.

All of this for a fraction of the price a major hotel chain will charge you or the wedding & event planners you might find online. 

We invite you to shop around and are certain you will not find the rates we will offer for the same (actually, better) services. 

So, whether you are planning a big event or a small one... A wedding, reunion, honeymoon, birthday, or a romantic evening with your loved one, we are here to create your special day and take the stress and headache of planning an event in another country.

We are positive that you will be more than impressed with our planning skills. So enjoy you trip to Costa Rica and let us make it one you will never forget!



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